Better DNS use, DO CloudFlare or set up own DNS

May 31, 2015 6.5k views


VestaCP installed. All right. What’s better, using DNS Digital Ocean, CloudFlare or set up own DNS?

Thank you so much.

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If you’re using Cloudflare for it’s features, it’s probably best that you go with Cloudflare for DNS too. If you’ve got atleast 2 servers and time to setup and manage your own DNS, go for that. But if you want something simple, go with DO.

  • Today use my own DNS, but with only 1 IP. This is very bad?

    Thank you.

  • [deleted]
  • DNS is designed for reliability and It’s highly recommended that at least 2 servers (preferably independent of each other) be used so that it one where to fail, the systems still works.

  • At that time. I think the best is Cloudflare.
    Which location is your website? It is very fast here in Brazil. :)
    Thank you.

  • My site’s hosted in Dallas, Texas

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