Beware the new Pooled Transfer Billing

June 5, 2018 1.4k views

When Digitalocean introduce their new bandwidth policy, I was very happy because it will avoid bandwidth abuse and will improve network quality.
According they said, its pooled, flexible, and only $0.01/G for overage. Sounds very good, right?

But today, I changed my view.

The total bandwidth of all my doplets a about 20T, and I only use 7T until now, but today I found about $50 bandwidth overage billing in my daily billing information.

I don't understand why, so I had to rechecked the bandwidth billing document:

Then I found this section:
If a Droplet's maximum monthly data transfer allowance is 1TB, it will accrue 1.5 GB for each hour that the Droplet exists (1TB/672 hours) Fractional usage is rounded to increments of 1GB. 1.49GB of use will be rounded down to 1GB. 1.5GB will be rounded up to 2GB.

What's this mean? As my understand, this mean your transfer pool is calculated by hour, not by month. If you have burst traffic, even if you do not exceed your total month bandwidth, but you will still be charged if you exceed the hourly allowance.

This is really bad, right? I want to say Digitalocean: I really hope my understanding is wrong, and this is not your original intention. You can allowance by hour, but you can't billed the bandwidth by hour, because the bursts traffic.

Does anyone have the same situation with me? :(

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scalvert June 5, 2018
Accepted Answer

Hello xfxdev,

Your monthly transfer allowance is based on the number of hours your Droplets exist for during the course of the entire month. The final invoice at the end of the month determines your bill.

However, the partial invoices you can view during the course of the month are not based on your estimated monthly transfer allowance. They're based on the actual allowance you've accrued so far that month.

This means that if you spike in bandwidth usage towards the beginning of the month, you will see overage charges on your partial invoices. However, if you keep your Droplets active for the rest of the month, your transfer allowance will continue to accrue and the total transfer allowance on your final invoice will be what you expected.

You can use the graph in the Control Panel to view your usage compared to your estimated monthly allowance, but we realize the partial invoice system we're using now can be confusing, and we're working on making them better.


That's not good! Have you opened a support ticket with DO? Let us know what they say.

  • Yes, I opened a support ticket immediately after I found this issue, but just got a reply like using a template, meaningless content, without explain why.

    So I repeat my question again in the ticket, then no reply until now :(

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