Big problem: payment without information me. This site a thief.

June 14, 2017 863 views
Ubuntu 16.04 DigitalOcean

When I want destroy my server digital ocean support replied me:

“Droplet Locked by DigitalOcean Staff
We are sorry to inform you that this Droplet has been locked by DigitalOcean Staff. All of your virtual servers are still active and there have been no changes. We have opened a support ticket with you regarding the cause of this lock.

Please navigate to the support page to resolve the issue that has caused your Droplet to be locked.

Thank you,
DigitalOcean Staff”

BUT, they didnt stop my billing. I dont have any other droplet and have just one is locked. In fact they received payment from my registered credit card without information me. Neither I couldnt destroy my server nor I couldnt delete my credit card from account settings. This is a EXTORTION!

I m a customer for long time but I dont want be customer of digitaloecan anymore.

1 Answer

Why not navigate to your support page and view the ticket they’ve created? They must have a reason for locking the Droplet.

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