Big size HDD droplets

April 17, 2014 7.1k views
Something I miss with DO is big size HDD/storage purpose droplets. Non-SSD would work perfectly well, size ranges 1TB and up. I have backup services that I really would like to move to DO. Any plans on offering this in the near future?
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There aren't any plans for the near future, but we are aware that this is something people are interested in. You can add your "vote" on the UserVoice page to show your support:
Ok, thanks! The SSD plans are awesome by the way. However, a whole new horizon would open up if cheaper mass-storage plans were available (even with standard HDD's). I'm running Crashplan PROe backup servers and the SSD plans aren't just worth it...

Keeping my fingers crossed :-)
SSDs are faster than HDD, and since servers/droplets all have their own block of space at DO, it may be best to have something to R/W fast so performance in I/O wont drop but yea in the future they may add it but im not expecting it anytime soon though.
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