BigBlueButton Hosting in DigitalOcean?

July 10, 2014 3.6k views

Is it possible to have BigBlueButton hosting on DigitalOcean? I'm looking for some solutions and this hosting seems very good.

Thanks guys.

  • hello i will install BigBlueButton too. Do you want talk experiences?

  • It works for me with the 80gig solution.

  • Actually, I just downgraded to a 1 gig droplet, and it works with a few users. I tried the 512 gig, but it didn't have enough memory to load all the BBB modules, so it couldn't connect to the server, but the 1 gig ($10 per month) solution seems to work ok.

3 Answers

The installation instructions say it will run on Ubuntu 10.04 64-bit, which is one of the available options. So there you go.

Additionally, the minimum hardware specs for running a big blue button server are here:

So since you'll be needing a quad core setup, you'll have to at least run on a $80/month server...

Additionally, you'll read in the deeper specs that you have to install it on bare metal:

... so I'm really looking forward to hear from people actually running big blue button...

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