Billing in Digital Ocean versus Azure

January 5, 2015 3k views

I have just created a Droplet and see that when I power down I still get billed. Trying to compare this with Azure where I have several VMs. In Azure when I power down I am not charged so the per minute charge is only for minutes that the VM is Up.

Am I right in thinking that I am always charged for my Droplet whether it is up or down . If I have to destroy the Droplet it will take me hours to rebuild or if I take an image is that free or charged.

Thanks for some guidance.

1 Answer

You are correct that you are charged for any active droplet on your account whether it is powered on or off as the resources for your droplet remain reserved when it is powered off. You can create a snapshot of your droplet in order to save it and redeploy it later. Snapshot storage is not yet being charged for but in the near future this will change. At that time the charge for snapshot storage will be $0.02/Gb/Month.

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