Bot configure error website doesnt connect

June 29, 2017 663 views
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i need help when i install this command cd /home/bot
npm install mysql
npm install log4js
npm install socket.io
npm install request
npm install fs
npm install md5
npm install sha256
npm install mathjs
npm install forever-monitor
npm install forever
npm install steamcommunity
npm install steam-totp
npm install steam-tradeoffers
npm install async
npm install engine.io

i go to /backpack.tf to get apikey for bot and when i write node site,js nothing https://ctrlv.cz/N9SQ on website i have this https://ctrlv.cz/0Jbb

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In the future, instead of taking screenshots, please just copy and paste the text, and use the </> button in the comment editor to make sure it doesn't lose formatting.

It says that you cannot use const because you're using an old version of Node.

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