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Posted September 3, 2014 7.5k views

I am a new learner to cakephp
Required help in 1 project

I have 2 forms event and category both required to store in different table.

I have can save data for event form using event model and store in event table using maincontroller

I want category form to save in category table using maincontroller and category model

how can I do it.

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1 answer

I have figured it out

My goal was when I trying to save 2 seperate forms event and category it must redirect to index page after saving the records in the table

I had events folder for views -> addevent, addcategory, index

so both are forms required to store in diff tables i.e. event table and category table

I had 2 models event and category

I wanted to use only 1 controllers EventsController which can do 2 actions addEvent and addCategory

I could save and redirect to index for “event” but it was not working for adding “category”

cause when the form goes to controller for submission I cannot save the data must due to loading of table for category action.

so I created a empty function for addcategory which is required since category form is in events folder

and created a new controller called CategoriesController where I redefined the actions for addCategory $this->Model->save()

Here the problem of creating a new controller was the url will be proj/categories/addCategory

so since it is in categories/ it wont redirect to index page.

so I used relative paths i.e ../events/index then returned back after saving category to index page.

Thank you