Can a webpanel like ajenti slow down my server ?

June 3, 2016 1.5k views
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I was just wondering if installing a webpanel like ajenti could slow down my VPS … ? I see that the panel collects all types of info on the server and thus it means that it has to have an agent installed. The question however is as stated : can this influence the performance of the VPS in any way ?

2 Answers

Yes. Just as running multiple programs on your personal computer will slow it down the same is true on your server. Depending on the number of processes running at all times and the scheduled cron jobs the panel runs it will use more or fewer resources at any given time.

Since most control panels run their own web application (the control panel itself) on your server and often run a separate web server for the control panel, they can use a significant amount of a server’s resources, especially if you’re using small servers.

One exception is ServerPilot which doesn’t run any control panel on your server. Instead, it uses a lightweight agent process on your server that only performs configuration changes you initiate through ServerPilot. There’s no control panel on your server. Instead, the control panel is hosted by ServerPilot.

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