Can anyone confirm I did everything right? (FileZilla and Wordpress)

May 6, 2015 3.6k views
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I used this tutorial by OceanCasts:

So, my droplet is working, my server is working, and I imported my SSH key into Filezilla. When I type in my IP address into the URL, I have a defaut Wordpress page.

But I want to upload the website located into my WAMP folder. So as it is said in the tutorial, I deleted the defaut WordPress files located in var/www/ and put the right files located in my www instead.

Is that all? I mean I read everywhere that I have to change things in wp-config, that I have to import my database via PHPMyAdmin, etc... do I still have to do this or DigitalOcean takes care of it? Because in the tutorial he doesn't talk about all of this.

(FileZilla is still uploading right now, that's why I'm asking)


2 Answers

Unless your website is over gigabytes in size, I'm guessing that as of this moment, you already found out that you need to do more than just upload files for a Wordpress site to be migrated. You already listed the steps above, and they seem correct.

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