Can control panels handle separation of server and database in different droplets?

Posted June 7, 2017 2.9k views
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I want to use separate servers for the database and the web server for performance, however, to make things simple, I want to use a control panel to manage this setup. Most material online about spinning up a new database makes an assumption that the database is on the same server as the site files. My question is, is there a control panel out there that manages a setup like this?

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cPanel used to allow you to separate the web server from the database server, though the tool that handled it was a bit clunky and failed often. Looking over their docs, I’m not seeing this an an option now so they may have removed it or changed the way it worked.

Beyond that, setting up a cluster is generally manual work and you’d need to do it from the CLI.

Okay thanks for that answer. So then, from what you know, all control panels are assuming that larger site loads are that the server is continually increasing in ram, cpu, and storage? One fuzzy memory of mine is that when I used something like SiteGround and cPanel that the MySQL database was a separate server that I had to access though.. this was a long time ago though. I use Dreamhost now and their MySQL databases are always separate but they have their own custom cPanel they built.

So digging around I found this: but being a n00b I can’t tell.. does this mean Virtualmin can handle separate droplets for dedicated databases and storage?

Looking into it further.. it looks like at least some of the cpanels definitely have this ability. They usually have an option to add multiple servers to the list and you can point to where the db spinup scripts should execute.

For example VestaCP: