Can DigitalOcean staff access the files on my droplet?

November 6, 2018 626 views
Security Ubuntu 18.04

After I create a droplet with an SSH key, can DigitalOcean staff remote into it and access the files?

1 Answer

Hey friend!

This is a great question. A good rule to remember, at least as a default, is that anyone who has physical access to your computer can access your data. The question then becomes how much effort do they have to put in to accessing it. Technically speaking, we can access your data (just as any other cloud provider can). Aside from the technical, it is in our best interest to not do this. There are no benefits to us in doing so, only negatives.

When using a cloud provider it is important that both parties trust each other to a certain degree. You should use a cloud provider that you feel has your best interest in mind, and one that knows the implications of violating your privacy. You can read over our privacy policy as well:


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