Can DO explain why this customer server was shutdown without notice. Are you guys reliable ?

Posted October 16, 2013 4.7k views
Hi, I've found this post about this customer, which led me thing that DO may not be reliable and I fear about using it for our customers. I use it for personal projects but I've been suggesting it for my company business since day 1. We can't afford something like that to happen, so I'd like to know what DO have to say about this: And found in HN: Thanks for looking!

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I am not DigitalOcean staff, but I can say my experience with them has been great.
Same here..... impeccable so far, long may it continue!
I have a difficult time trusting a person that was so careless that (i) had to learn from someone else that his site was down; (ii) did not maintain his own offsite backups; and (iii) did not bother explaining how/why what he was hosting was legitimate.

The dude's posts wreak of someone that was doing something shady and is pissed off that DigitalOcean not only didn't bend over backwards, but also didn't bend the rules, for him.

Giving him the benefit of the doubt and assuming that he wasn't doing something shady, intentionally, it still sounds like he was careless in managing his cloud server. Don't loose sight of the fact that the droplet you rent from DigitalOcean is one of several on any individual piece of hardware. Despite what this disgruntled former-customer may think, I don't think it's fair that this dude's neighbors should have to suffer decreased performance on their own droplets due to the guy being careless and allowing his droplet(s) to be compromised and end up being taken over by a DDoS attack or the like.
So even if the guy was doing something 'shady', who actually decides what shady is??
Maybe I should have read the blog post before posting here.. :))