Can docker-compose services/containers span multiple droplets? (In DO, of course)

April 10, 2018 1.7k views
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I'm fine with installing/using docker/docker-compose on a single host (a la my current dev environment). In DO's IaaS, though, can I achieve something like Kubernetes, where my compose services would run in their own (independently scalable) droplets with networking between them?

Use case: my app has 8 services that have very different demands and usage trends. My ETL extractor will fetch every hour, with a huge spike in network activity and subsequent Translate/Load.

  1. It would stink if that activity interfered with my React/Express client service(s).
  2. It would equally stink if I had to keep my whole Droplet scaled to mitigate that load.

^--- granular scaling is pretty important there :)

1 Answer

I found this - in my Medium bookmarks of all places lol.
“A Kubernetes quick start for people who know just enough about Docker to get by” @adnanrahic

Looks like the Kubernetes examples are ON digitalocean, so I have to say it'll work.

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