Can I active my account without add my credit card? I'm from Venezuela.

April 26, 2015 4.4k views
Git Billing

I can't active my account without add my credit card, always I try is rejected for the system...

I'm just wanna use the 100$ for the Github Student pack, can I without add my credit card?

2 Answers

Use the PayPal method.. Send the some money, like USD 5 (min) and that should get your account running..


  • And what if i dont have money on PayPal... Cant active? :c

    Thanks for answer

  • I am not sure as I guess most of us (the customers) use Credit Card or PayPal..

    Paypal network is really good hence chances are that you can get Paypal running with bank account or debit card (in case you dont have credit card) so via that you can get started here in DO..

    For more information and help, I think you should open a support ticket with DO..

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