Can I apply the GitHub education pack $100 promo code to my account after creation?

May 26, 2015 9.3k views
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I have recently signed up for the GitHub Education Pack, which offers a $100 promo code for DigitalOcean. However, according to their site, it could take a couple weeks to hear back from GitHub. Can I create an account with DigitalOcean, and pay for the first month, and then apply the promo code to the account I receive it? I notice that on their site it says that you can easily apply promo codes "as a new user." Does this mean that current users who have entered a credit card/PayPal account will not be able to use the promo code?


2 Answers

Yes under your account billing, you can apply promo codes.

  • Thanks for the answer. However, I have also been talking to DigitalOcean, and it turns out that since I joined through the $10 promotion link from a friend, I will not be able to enter "another" promo code. That being said, they were willing to work with me if I could prove my eligibility manually after the GitHub reply comes back.

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