Can I create a droplet that is based on my private image, through API, for another user?

July 21, 2015 2.1k views
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Can I create a droplet based on my private image, for another user, using the APIs?

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Thanks but this is not the behavior that I would like. I want to be able to create a droplet for my user (who is also a Digital Ocean user), based on a private snapshot, but I don’t want to transfer my snapshot to him permanently, and I want to automate it such that he only needs to enter his token to complete the action. Is this possible?

  • Unfortunately it is not possible to access a different user’s snapshots/images so you will have to transfer the image. The API does not support transferring images yet, though, but you can follow the progress on that here.

Yes. You can do that by transferring the snapshot to the other user’s account and then creating the droplet via the API.

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