Can I create a SPF record (not a TXT)

Posted January 11, 2015 4.3k views

According to the standards in section 3.1.1, you should create both a TXT and SPF Record types with identical content. Having one of these record types make you compliant, but it’s better to publish both, if you are able.

In DNS I don’t have a SPF field… is there a way to do this ?

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What standards? By you mentioning section 3.1.1 I assume that you are referring to RFC4408? We now have the Standard Track RFC7208, which obsoletes RFC4408.

Let me quote the beginning of

“SPF records MUST be published as a DNS TXT (type 16) Resource Record (RR) [RFC1035] only.”

Also, if you take a look at some of the big players, such as, and, you’ll see that all of them only use the TXT records for their SPF info.

In short, not being able to create records of the SPF type is a feature, not a bug.

  • andol is correct. Use a TXT record and you’ll be good to go.

  • I already did the TXT version.

    But I saw that (old version of the standard) text and also on

    As I’m new to this and a perfectionist I wanted to do it all right :).

    PS: Before I did the SPF and DKIM and stuff I’ve sent an email to yahoo and got this back
    host[ip] said: All messages from ip will be permanently deferred; Retrying will NOT succeed.
    Any idea how to solve this ?

    Thanks for clearing up the SPF record stuff.

  • That’s just smoke in the face from yahoo… I saw that post … and did the DMARC and I have even enrolled to their feedback loop (if it helps in any way - I can only hope).

    I’m about the do the bulk stuff (
    Maybe I’ll wait a few days… A good sleep always helps things move along :P

    I’ve saw someone writing about his experience with yahoo … and his conclusion was that after mailing them repeatedly and filling redundant forms repeatedly they whitelisted him.

    I will just leave it like this for a few days and see if it fixes it self :P … and if not… if there isn’t any other rational solution I guess I will start stretching and warming my fingers.

    Thank you for you interest in solving this thing. Please let me know if there is anything new to this OR if you have any relatives at yahoo :P