Can I get a private network segment?

September 18, 2019 158 views

For a managed database, can I get a private network segment which can be authorized once for pg_hba, so that each build of our application which makes it to the deployment stage which needs to connect, does not require my manual intervention in a browser?

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You can certainly use private networking with your managed database. Private networking will be limited between services on the same account in the same data center. The way to properly configure trusted connections, you’ll want to do this through the database’s Settings tab in the Cloud control panel (, clicking Edit next to Trusted sources. Here’s more on this process:

This will still require password authentication during login which pg_hba.conf adjustments would allow you to bypass although our managed databases do not provide file system access to the underlying server so this isn’t possible to accomplish.

If you have any issues with setting trusted sources or authenticating, feel free to reach out to our Support team who are always happy to help out!

Garrett Jansen
Developer Support Engineer

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