Can I get the monthly traffic quota used for a space via API?

April 12, 2019 225 views

I would like to get the data of the outgoing traffic used for a space, to be able to notify the current use and the extra cost in a web page available to the customer. Can I do it via API?

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I wish that I had a way for you to do that in such an easily automated way, and perhaps that may happen in future iterations. Currently the only way to determine this is to check the usage/invoices here:


Thanks for the reply.
Since I resell the service, applying a markup to the cost I pay to DO, I am developing a panel where I can show the excess traffic and therefore the current monthly price, including my mark-up. So obviously I can’t show the customer the invoice page of the DO account (which among other things shows me my other services, droplets, etc.). Moreover, in the page you link I see the traffic of the droplets, and not that of the spaces

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