Can I have multiple users with my droplet?

February 9, 2015 3.6k views

Knowing that I can use apache to host multiple websites can I allow users to sign up and use the server I have paid for?
And if so would I be able to set disk quotas?
And is it against the terms and conditions to charge for this?

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Yes you can add multiple users. For security I highly recommend making sure they can login with SSH Keys only!

See to setup quotas.

by Jan Stevens
Quotas are used to limit the amount of disk space a user or group can use on the server. There are generally two different methods of managing quotas: first, an empty file system can be created and mounted for a specific user. An advantage of this method is that no additional package is required. Second, the quota tool can be used to dynamically manage the disk quota of a user or a group. A big advantage is the possibility to change quotas on the fly without any complicated disk resizing. This guide mainly focuses on the creation of user specific quotas; however, all the commands are exactly the same for group quotas. Instead of a user name, a group name can be used in the described commands.
  • but can I charge for this?

  • As far as I know DO could care less what you are doing with a droplet as long as it is legal and not in violation of TOS.

    You will find that several folks are reselling services on droplets.

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