Can I host a search engine that only indexes magnet links?

September 16, 2016 2.6k views

I wrote an open source torrent magnet link indexer and would like to host it. Is it OK for me to do so?

I would only be linking to magnet?:abcdef links on the site. No torrent files. Just clickable magnet links.

2 Answers

While I personally see nothing wrong with this I’ll still warn you against it. We will comply with any DMCA request which will require us to remove content once a valid complaint is received. The DMCA would then allow a counter-claim and eventually the content can be put back online but organizations like the MPAA and RIAA submit these complaints in bulk so simply responding to them in a legal fashion could quickly become a full time job.

So, while this may be a grey area in our terms of service since you are not actually hosting the content, the nature of the DMCA means that hosting this type of service on a US based host will almost certainly result in a large amount of paperwork, hassle and potential legal issues.

So if I reply to the DMCA requests I will be fine? That’s fine by me, I don’t mind the full-time job aspect of it.

Thank for the reply.

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