Can I import a vmware image to digital ocean and run it as a droplet

November 24, 2018 3.7k views
Custom Images Ubuntu 18.04

Hi all,
I have an Ubuntu image that I am running on my local desktop computer. This image has been created by using vmware player. I want to train a machine learning model using tensorflow. I am running out of ram on my local desktop which has 6GB. I want to load this vmware image to digital ocean, give it more ram and run the training for my machine learning model. Can I do this using the custom image feature? If yes, how?

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Hey friend,

Actually you can do that now. This has some information about how to accomplish it:


Hi Jarland,
I did see that custom images link before asking. The process seems a shade convoluted.

  1. I need to install cloud init.
  2. I then need to get the images to spaces.
  3. I can then import the image as a droplet.

Are the above steps correct?

  • You can either upload it direct or use any externally accessible URL to be imported from, Spaces being an option for uploading somewhere that gives you a URL to paste.

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