Can I increase storage?

Posted July 30, 2012 100.3k views
I'm looking to use a low spec server but need additional storage. Is this currently an option or is it something coming soon? Thanks kindly, Paul

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Hi Paul,

Right now our different server sizes are tied directly to the storage options listed.

We are actively discussing adding additional storage as part of our product roadmap and there are a few solutions that we are thinking of, varying from providing an API based storage solution similar to S3, to a more block level NFS mount solution, all the way to having specific high storage virtual servers that will include more storage than the standard virtual servers we have now.

We'll be making announcements as soon as we have decided on a path and when we are ready to release a product update in beta for our customers to test.


Hey All! We’re excited to announce that we’ve launched our SSD-based Block Storage service. Now you’re able to attach up to 16TB of storage to your Droplets.

Learn more here:

We are working on the storage question.

There are a lot of things to take into account, whether its going to be block level or NFS or accessed via some sort of an API for storage/retrieval.

While the API could potentially allow us the most flexibility in terms of backend architecture it also requires customers to switch away from a regular FS and instead integrate it directly into their applications and of course there's always the consideration of security. Specifically, whether the content is public or whether there are restrictions that customers want to place on it.

Please feel free to add your comments to our UserVoice and give us your specific use cases and the best way to integrate so we can take all of that into account during the planning stages:

Jesus fuck it’s been 3 years and you’re still “working on it”? Brb spinning up some namecheap instances.

Thanks for the update.

Kind Regards,

I would also +1 this feature.
It's the only thing missing with digitalocean, if I can buy additional storage for a reasonable price, even if it isn't fast storage, mounted on a different partition or anything, I'll go digitalocean for life.
I'd like to echo the requests for additional storage offerings. Personally, I'd prefer either virtual drives or NFS-style remote mounts over an API based system as block-level devices would provide more flexibility and compatibility with existing software.
What about an NFS export of an FS as opposed to block level would that also fit?

Or is block level a hard requirement?
For such feature.
It's just what i currently need!
Don't need a stronger server, but another 20GB will do nicely.
Something like S3 or at least like EBS volumes which you can snapshot and such would be awesome. I was checking to install a mail server, but definitely, storage space is pretty low for more than a few accounts on a bussiness even with a better server solution.

Is there any time frame on this? It's been almost a year since this post, any roadmap on new features?
Service is awesome. keep up!
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