Can I increase storage?

Posted July 30, 2012 98.5k views
I'm looking to use a low spec server but need additional storage. Is this currently an option or is it something coming soon? Thanks kindly, Paul

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Hi Paul,

Right now our different server sizes are tied directly to the storage options listed.

We are actively discussing adding additional storage as part of our product roadmap and there are a few solutions that we are thinking of, varying from providing an API based storage solution similar to S3, to a more block level NFS mount solution, all the way to having specific high storage virtual servers that will include more storage than the standard virtual servers we have now.

We'll be making announcements as soon as we have decided on a path and when we are ready to release a product update in beta for our customers to test.


Hey All! We’re excited to announce that we’ve launched our SSD-based Block Storage service. Now you’re able to attach up to 16TB of storage to your Droplets.

Learn more here:

We are working on the storage question.

There are a lot of things to take into account, whether its going to be block level or NFS or accessed via some sort of an API for storage/retrieval.

While the API could potentially allow us the most flexibility in terms of backend architecture it also requires customers to switch away from a regular FS and instead integrate it directly into their applications and of course there's always the consideration of security. Specifically, whether the content is public or whether there are restrictions that customers want to place on it.

Please feel free to add your comments to our UserVoice and give us your specific use cases and the best way to integrate so we can take all of that into account during the planning stages:

Jesus fuck it’s been 3 years and you’re still “working on it”? Brb spinning up some namecheap instances.

Thanks for the update.

Kind Regards,

I would also +1 this feature.
It's the only thing missing with digitalocean, if I can buy additional storage for a reasonable price, even if it isn't fast storage, mounted on a different partition or anything, I'll go digitalocean for life.
I'd like to echo the requests for additional storage offerings. Personally, I'd prefer either virtual drives or NFS-style remote mounts over an API based system as block-level devices would provide more flexibility and compatibility with existing software.
What about an NFS export of an FS as opposed to block level would that also fit?

Or is block level a hard requirement?
For such feature.
It's just what i currently need!
Don't need a stronger server, but another 20GB will do nicely.
Something like S3 or at least like EBS volumes which you can snapshot and such would be awesome. I was checking to install a mail server, but definitely, storage space is pretty low for more than a few accounts on a bussiness even with a better server solution.

Is there any time frame on this? It's been almost a year since this post, any roadmap on new features?
Service is awesome. keep up!
Not only an add storage option would be awesome, but prepay for more bandwidth as well. I know the company is young and you're striving to make us all happy; and it is working so far! I have a client that is very curious and would like to have a somewhat lower end server with lots of storage and lots of bandwidth. Maybe there could be an option to build your own package?
@Guillermo Estrada You can follow the uservoice thread on extra storage:

@Kyle Eby Thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately, we do not offer custom plans - please see

As for prepaying for bandwidth, please create a uservoice suggestion: - if it gets enough votes it might be considered on our roadmap.
Please check out Collie/Sheepdog. They have been wonderful allies. I recommend a pre-execution environment (using iPXE) to help users resize partitions. This gives them the option of utilizing common resizing tools as well as the option to do some awesome LVM love.
Personally.. It would be a simple matter to do attached storage as well as isolated NFS shares for extra services. For attached storage I'd still recommend collie/sheepdog and the user would be ultimately responsible for knowing how to resize partitions.

One big problem right now is resizing the root partition.
Yeah i also really need to be able to attache way more storage. The little storage is a huge problem.
Any updates on this? :)
You can follow this uservoice thread for updates:
Really useful feature. Any progress or update after a year?
Any update on this the uservoice hasn't been updated with a ETA...
++ for this features thx.
This is a massive issue for me and everybody else who use DO or would like to use DO. Adding storage to a server is of the most importance, it's why Amazon EC2 and S3 is so successful and it's why they host enterprise level sites, not just hobbyists.

Please provide an ETA for this feature. As of now, according to the project/feature is planned, but doesn't have an ETA.

Thanks and we all look forward to additional storage capabilities!
I agree, this storage is one of the main reason asking me to consider AWS than DO.
I'd just like to add that I think it's bizarre this feature hasn't already been made available.
ETA would be nice...
I'd completely switch from (and ditch) AWS if you add this feature. +1 "ETA would be nice..."
It's been over a year. Bump.
bump, over a year where is the road map?
Agree 100% the system is excellent, but the disk space issue is not acceptable. What is the ETA? Do we have to start looking elsewhere if it's not coming?
Bump! DO, answer, please.
This is a reason why we use DO for dev, but will probably go with Azure or Rackspace for production. We have clients that could send us as much as 2TB of data that we need to store. I can get 16 on Azure and 14 on Rackspace per server on Raid 10 storage.
*Bump* - a reply or an ETA would be appreciated.
if you have this storage, i move from RackSpace to DigitalOcean :)
For my needs block storage makes sense if it can have near local performance, NFS could work as long as performance is high. The use case for me would be for the FoundationDB database which relies on SSD-level performance for local storage. Right now multiple servers with a modest replication strategy works, but in the future not have to keep adding processing and memory just to gain storage across the cluster would be preferable.

S3-like object storage would be nice, but not a necessity since S3 itself is usable in conjunction with Digital Ocean just fine. Now, if you've got something really impressive up your sleeves there may be some re-evaluation of this point to be made.
+1 for providing instances with large hard disks attached.
- simpler for DO than providing EBS-style or S3-style storage
- simpler to use for those who just want a single server with a hard disk
- possible to build anything using this base. EBS-style, NFS and S3-style storage can be all built on top of these using open source apps running on clusters of instances - you could provide images for these if you want to make things easier for customers.

DigitalOcean cannot rival AWS for features in the near future. Your strengths are providing simple, great value IaaS building blocks in an easy to do way, and this should extend to the storage question IMHO.
Hello, this discussion is now going on for more then 2 years.
Is there any light in the tunnel? (Apart for the next train, hahaha)
is it really that difficult to write a script where a user/customer can make a choice in:
1. desired memory
2. desired disk space
3. etc. etc.
Any skiddy can write that in a matter of two minutes in any language you want..............
@Hans: Unfortunately customized plans are not supported. It's much more complicated on the backend. Offering preset plans allows us to divide the hypervisors into droplets more efficiently and therefore allowing customers to buy droplets for cheaper prices.
I like the simple and plain NFS solution! Also, this extra storage doesn't need to be SSD, so it can be larger and cheaper.
Like several others I'm looking for a low-spec server but with the ability to add more storage.

2 years and still nothing :(

I’d also like to see this in the near future.

It is a must have future.

+1 to this. I’d happily pay y'all extra money for additional storage. Also, I wouldn’t mind if that storage was on a non-SSD. The speed of the droplets performance is great, but for the things that I’d need to storage, I won’t need to access as quickly. So, if that’s an option, that’s fine too.

Any updates? Really need this.

I also would like this feature very much. I would shift a few servers from AWS to DigOcean!!

I am currently with some DO droplets as trial. I also have some VPS in Vietnam, some in Rackspace HK. I also need more space with DO so that I can shift the ones in Rackspace HP to DO.

Due to this never ended thread, I’m moving all my content away from digital ocean. I was ready to move all my other apps currently running on AWS and on SOFTLAYER…… but as we don’t see any move on this critical topic, I’m dropping.... bye bye digitalocean!

Any progress on that?

I am also aborting my evaluation and moving on. You can beat amazon by keeping it simple but people can’t live without adding disk to their servers. It isn’t that hard to at least add NFS as a purchasable resource. Severs can grow with LVM.

I love DO but i am going to have to move out if you do not add this feature in less than a month :(

I’ve been using DO to host some sites for my clients, and now I’m looking at needing disk space for a project where we need a low power server with a bunch of disk space. It looks like AWS is going to be what we end up using.

Bump, really need this, really don’t want to bail for AWS..

Currently this is the only factor holding us back from using another platform. We love DigitalOcean and have used it for about a year, but as we will be using your service for hosting databases for an app, we cant take the risk of running out of space. What do we do if our databases will increase past the tier we are in? We cant keep resizing, especially if we will also be implementing load balancing.

Digital Ocean, you guys rule! I have been using your services for personal and clients’ use alike for almost a year now and would be loath to have to switch over to another provider due to a particular requirement such as disk resizes + additional storage.

++1 to this, hope it gets implemented soon!

+1, more Owncloud space would be nice, I don’t need more RAM nor do I need a stronger CPU.

+1, waiting toooooooooo long for this feature

+1 would also really like this feature. Especially for my ownCloud droplet.

I am also waiting for this feature… At the moment Vultr has the best option for extra storage space with low hardware specs.

Please add this feature soon!! This is the only thing keeping me from consolidating all of my scattered VPS’s over to Digital Ocean. Please Please Please!

Thank you :)

Also waiting for this.

It’s been 3 years… Are we really going to have to find a different provider if we want more storage, without paying for more CPU cores and RAM which we’re not going to use?

+1 Hopefully this will be near top of the list with your new funding.

  • want this feature too. Need more space.

+1 I need a lower CPU/Mem instance with at least 120GB storage (Doesn’t have to be SSD but, would be awesome). Might start using Digital Ocean if adding storage is possible in the future until then finding a cheaper option.

+1 from my side. Is it really that hard to implement? It’s been 3 years.

What a shame DigitalOcean. After spending few years with AWS, my first experience with DigitalOcean is so impressive in ease of use and speed. I almost decided to move my apps from AWS to DO until I hit upon this message post. Very sad to see that DO is so unresponsive to user requests and users are disappointed and leaving DO. It is unthinkable for a startup to behave in this manner.

Are your investors not paying attention to customer feedback?

You just lost another potential client. I will stick with AWS for now. Good Bye…

+1 I think I will leaving Digital ocean as well as its something I really need.

Looking forward to this feature!

It’s been a long time coming but we are now in the final private beta testing stages with customers for our new block storage service. This will allow customers to create persistent and highly available storage devices that they can attach to droplets which also have snapshot and resize capabilities.

This will allow customers that either need to expand storage to their existing droplets, or have larger storage needs then our current plans allow to scale their infrastructure with us.

We have another month of testing to ensure that the product meetings production quality and then we will be able to move to GA and launching it in several datacenters.

Very excited to get this out door in the summer as well as many other exciting developments to come this year.

Thanks everyone!

I got this error:

Error creating Volume: POST 403 (request “b8173bc0-5b03-4fa7-88bc-4c7bd1b09812”) volume limit exceeded

I couldn’t find any limit mentioned for total volume count anywhere, but apparently there is a limit of 25, and I couldn’t see any form to increase this volume limit like droplet limit.

I’m writing here for making this information public. Is there any way to increase this limit? we’ll need at least 200 volumes in fra-1 region.

Hello, all

If you want to resize your droplet you can all follow our docs here:

There are two resizing options for Droplets:

  • CPU and RAM only. This option lets you increase or decrease the amount of CPU and RAM available to a Droplet.

  • Disk, CPU, and RAM. This option increases the amount of CPU and RAM available to a Droplet and permanently increases the size of a Droplet’s disk.

Considerations Before Resizing

  • You cannot decrease the size of a Droplet’s disk. In other words, disk resizes are irreversible.

Data is not always sequentially written in memory, so reducing the available space would risk data loss and filesystem corruption. For more flexibility, you can use block storage volumes for additional data storage, which lets you detach or delete the volume if you no longer need the space.

  • Allow for about one minute of downtime per GB of used disk space, though the actual time necessary is typically shorter. You can check the disk storage on the filesystem with df / -h.

Estimated downtime depends on disk usage even for resizes that don’t change the amount of disk space. This is because the Droplet may move to a new hypervisor, which transfers disk data over the network.

  • We strongly recommend taking a snapshot of the Droplet before resizing.

Droplets may change hypervisors during a resize, and any changes to a filesystem can lead to data loss if something goes wrong. We strongly recommend backing up the Droplet’s data before resizing. If you use snapshots, you can delete the snapshot after confirming that the resize was successful.

Hope that this helps!

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