Can I install pfSense on a droplet?

Posted January 19, 2016 15.6k views

I’m new to DigitalOcean.

I was thinking to use DigitalOcean for my learning purposes. I would like to install pfSense on a DigitalOcean and after that some other web servers.

1 question. Can I install pfSense on DigitalOcean?

2 question. To where will I have to install other web servers? Can I user prebuild droplets?

Thanks for help.

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2 answers

1) No you will not be able to install PFSense since DO doesn’t support a custom image install yet. However there is currently still a suggestion vote going on. They haven’t replied on it yet, so I’ve got no idea if or when they will implement this.
I do have a tip for you; you can learn, try and mess with alot of things on a local VM. This isn’t hard to make and you get alot of knowledge from it. You can try VirtualBox for example to create your VM, run a pfsense iso in it, and experiment with i.

2) You can run your webservices from DO. If you like to learn about linux and webservers I suggest you follow a tutorial of manual installation. However DO got a great feature called One-click Apps;
When you create a new droplet you can select this feature and have the droplet setup a complete environment for you. You can for example setup a LAMP, LEMP. Docker, Wordpress, Joomla environment. You just have to select it and it will automatically setup the droplet for you.

If you got any more questions don’t hesistate to ask them.

  • Thank you for the answers.

    1) I was wondering since DO allows FreeBSD and pfSense is based on FreeBSD, why I couldn’t install pfSense?

    2) I’m sorry I didn’t ask what I wanted. In terms of billing what is taken into account for billing? If I have a Joomla on FreeBSD and Wordpress on Ubuntu how is that billed? Or if I have two separate Joomla sites on separate FreeBSD servers? Or Apache on one server, MySQL on another and php on another? Can I manually install a OwnCloud instance and then test the DO OwnCloud droplet installation?

    • No problem,
      1) As explained pfsense is installed using an image and can’t be installed on a running machine. Since DO doesn’t support this (yet) you will not be able to setup a pfsense machine here.

      2) Your DO droplets are being billed per hour. It doesn’t matter what OS you choose or what services you run. If you deploy multiple droplets you will be billed per droplet per hour.
      Yes you can manually install an Owncloud instance and test it. Once you create a droplet you will have full root access to it and can do anything with it you like as long as its not illigal.
      If you like to get a bit more information about billing check this.

      If you got any more questions don’t hesistate to ask them.

      • In short one OS can be on one droplet. One Ubuntu with Owncloud and another Ubuntu with OwnCloud are two droplets. One FreeBSD with two Joomla sites is one droplet. Is that right?

        • That is correct, you can however run alot of services on one droplet. You do not need multiple droplets for different services as long as you setup the system properly.
          However it is possible ofcourse if you like to seperate the systems for your use.

I know it’s an old post, but…
I’ve managed to get pfSense installed on a DO droplet, hopefully other will find it useful.