Can I join a team with an existing account?

Posted March 20, 2020 1.3k views
DigitalOcean Accounts

I saw a five year old answer saying you can’t join a team with an existing digital ocean account. Is it still the case?

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Hi @gcortes, you should be able to join a team account with your existing user profile or create a new team account depending on your needs. The Team Quickstart guide we have in our document site is probably the best overview of these features and how to use them.

@rbrown That’s good to know. I helped my client set up his digital ocean account and to create the team. We didn’t any other choice to invite members to join other than google. How does the team owner invite someone with an existing account? Your doc link just gave me a blank screen. The client did send me an invite to my google email. I tried to log in using my digital ocean id. I got the error: “Sorry, that email address is already associated with an account.” It was in a new account setup so that’s not surprising. I don’t have a screen shot of the invite page so I can’t see if there is another place to make an entry.

And while I’m expanding this question, the existing account I want to use has several droplets of my own. If I join and later leave the team, will it have any impact on my current account?

  • That link is definitely the best source for information so I recommend you try using a different browser to access it if you are still having issues.

    If the primary account for your client is already a Team account and you have the appropriate permissions for it, then you should be able to add new team members using this link

    You can use whatever email address you would like (assuming they have already registered for DigitalOcean with it) and they will receive an invitation email to join the team. After they follow the link in that email, they can choose to login using their existing profile and they will be added to the team automatically.

    • I don’t have permissions as I’m the one he’s trying to add. I tried the invitation again. It gave me an option to use my GitHub account so I tried that. That resulted in an error saying the address didn’t match the invite. I’m guessing the invite took me to the standard create a new account page. Now the invite takes me to GitHub linked account. I also read that all my account would be locked out if I try to use the same payment information so I can’t go that route. I can get to the team docs in the same browser by doing searches. They don’t show the pages so I can’t be more specific as to the problem. So plan B:

      Can I create a team on my own account, not convert my account to a team, and then delete the team later without messing up my account? That way, I can test it out myself and not take up my clients time.

      Just tried it. When I click on “Create a Team”, I’m taken to the GitHub linked account that I created above. It looks like I messed things up. I’m going to open a ticket. Thanks for your help

Yes, you can. I had the same problem. I was invited to a team with different email address. What I did is:

  • change email associated with my existing account to the email I was invited on
  • accept to join the team
  • change email back