Can I Manage 2 or more VPS under 1 whm?

August 31, 2016 1.3k views
Getting Started DNS CentOS Configuration Management

I’m currently learning about how to create branded nameserver. And I know that we need at least 2 droplets to create our own nameserver. In my brain, it must like:
Droplet A >
Droplet B >

My question is, does that mean droplet B just act as secondary nameserver? Or we also can use the resource?
If can, how do I manage 2 droplets or more under 1 WHM?

Fyi, I’m just a freelance web designer for 5 years and currently I’m trying to start my shared hosting business using DO. There was many thing that I still don’t understand, but i think this is my first question.

Thanks in advanced!

1 Answer

Yes, in general the second nameserver would be a separate server which syncs it’s DNS records from your primary. If you are using WHM/cPanel they offer a DNS-only version free of charge for this purpose. When using the DNS only version of cPanel/WHM on your second server, any changes you make on your primary cPanel/WHM server are automatically propagated to the secondary.

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