Can I publish my Droplet graphs publicly for visitors to see?

November 27, 2018 418 views
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Hi, I use the built-in Droplet graphs to keep track of my droplet's performance. I would like to be able to link my visitors to a page where they can see the graphs for themselves. Can I run some software on my droplet to take advantage of the work that do-agent is already doing? Or is there a Digital Ocean setting that will allow me to provide a public link to my droplet graphs?


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aha MOD November 27, 2018
Accepted Answer

The exact data and graphs you see in the control panel are unfortunately not currently accessible via the API...

However there is a very cool open source project called netdata: that allows you to publish something similar, if not more thorough.

  • Thank you for the recommendation. I suppose I will have to disable the nice do-agent Droplet graphs if I want to make my graphs available to the general public.

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