Can I reserve a specific IP address?

Posted July 23, 2013 16.3k views
Several services that I use require that I whitelist my IP address. If I need to destroy the whitelisted Droplet, I am under the impression that I may lose the IP. Is there any way to reserve the IP address and assign it to a new Droplet? (Similar to Elastic IPs in AWS) Thanks, Brian

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Generally speaking, a virtual server's IP address is static and reserved for your virtual machine until you destroy it. Rebuilding a virtual server retains the same IP you had before.

Additionally our backend will automatically attempt to return an IP address that you have used in the past. So if you destroy a server and process a create soon after you will most likely receive the same IP address.
You should vote for this feature on DigitalOcean's Customer Feedback forum movable IP from VM to VM ("elastic IP")
But this is not the case at all. I have destroyed my virtual machine and had recreated it many times, NOT ONCE I was assigned the same ip address. If I could use ip addresses from a selected pool of ip addresses which are allocated to me, then digitalocean would be the best !. The changing ip address is a deal breaker for me
  • You should build image from that droplet first.

    After that, every time you create droplet from that image, you should get same IP Address.

  • I do agree! having a pool of assigned IP’s to the account not the dropplet itself would make a hole lot difference.
    Managing hosts would be a little more painless and with less risk involved in an already complex and risky situation.

Just for the record, I've destroyed/recreated one of my droplets about half a dozen times now, and each time I've received the same IP address.

D.O. is great like that. :)

I used the same server name and region each time, which might be important, and I recreated the droplet within about 2 minutes of destroying the old one, every time. I can pretty much guarantee that timing is an important factor.
  • My experience is different. Today I created a droplet and destroyed it, and then created new one in the same region, under the name, but I got a new IP address. After that I tried another 5 times (2x London, Amsterdam 3x), every time I got a different IP address.

You can use a service as DynDNS to get a domain for your droplet. If you then install ddclient on that droplet, the domain will always point to the correct IP, even if it changes after you e.g. restore the droplet from a snapshot.

DO now has a floating IP feature, using which you can reserve the ipaddress and point it to any droplet seamlessly.

Youtube tutorial of how to whitelist IP address with Digital Ocean’s firewall: