can I restore a single directory from a snapshot or backup?

May 4, 2015 2.1k views

I would like to just restore a single directory from a snapshot (or from a backup). Is that possible? How?

2 Answers

Not directly it is not, however you can do the following:

1.) Create a new droplet from your snapshot.
2.) SSH into your new droplet and use scp or rsync to copy over the directory you wish to access.
3.) Destroy the temporary droplet from the control panel.

Because you are only billed for the time a droplet exists doing this with (for example) a 512mb droplet would incur at most $0.01 in charges (since it is billed at $0.0074/hr)

  • cool... I actually just did that since I could not figure out any other way to do it. 34gigs copied at an average of like 30MB/s... very fast.

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