Can I run VPS for scheduled time. If ues what is billing for this

November 6, 2019 138 views
DigitalOcean Accounts

I would like to run VPS droplets for 6-8 hours per day at a scheduled time. Is it possible. if yes, What will be the billing for this.


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Hello, @nuskhaal

I will suggest you to check our documentation about the billing:

This is a quote from the FAQ about the hourly billing:

How does hourly pricing work?
All Droplets are billed hourly up to a monthly cap of 672 hours (the number of hours in 4 weeks).

If you use your server for fewer than 672 hours during the month, you will be billed for each hour that you used it. If you use your server for more than 672 hours that month, you will be billed at the monthly cost.

We calculate Droplet pricing this way so that consistent month-to-month usage results in a consistent invoice.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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