Can i save a droplet and only use it a few hours a month or would i have to create and deploy a new one every time?

April 13, 2015 1.7k views
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I want to have a droplet ready to use with a custom setup but only use it X hours a month. Is it possible to keep it saved and only pay when in use?

Thank you

3 Answers

You could take a snapshot and deploy it when needed.

I tried this:

  1. Create a droplet, configure it, then save a snapshot

  2. Then, i deleted the droplet

  3. I have now created a new droplet, same config but i can’t restore it from the snapshot.

Any suggestions?

Nvm i found my mistake. Thanks!

  • I have paid for create a basic droplet.
    It was active for some days… if I delete my droplet, can I save the credits that were not used?

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