Can I setup Nginx reverse proxy on top of existing site?

March 5, 2018 3k views
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I have a WordPress site on apache web server with Let’s Encrypt certbot running. Is it possible to setup Nginx reverse proxy on top of existing setup?

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jasonjpeters March 5, 2018
Accepted Answer

Yes, you can do this in a single droplet or in a multi-droplet configuration.

In in a single droplet config you will need to update your Apache config for your WordPress site updating the port number. This could be anything really that does not conflict with another service - for example 81 or 8080

Next you will need to install NGINX

Then to handle your SSL you would need to perform a setup like the following

One change in the above is that you will be operating with only one application server (Apache) as your backend unless you decide to add more.

by Jesin A
Use SSL termination to reduce your SSL certificate and software management overhead on load-balanced servers. This tutorial uses an Nginx load-balancer and LAMP backends.

Yes, you can do this as I have done that with my website too. Moreover, you would get good results if you use load balancer with SSL.

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