Can I share an attached volume between droplets?

Posted August 24, 2016 27.8k views
UbuntuBlock Storage

I know I can share disk resources using NFS or SSHFS but I wonder if a volume can be shared directly between 2 droplets.
I know it sounds weird but I am curious about it.

  • please this service is seriously needed… digital ocean should do something

  • I just hit this show stopper… cannot share volumes!?
    You cannot seriously operate a cloud computing environment without shared storage.
    Without it, you cannot set up a high availability test environment.
    What is currently being done by Digital Ocean on shared storage? Is the only option to setup our own NFS server and share among droplets?

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This function is still unavailable in 2019 ! I really need this , please.

I noticed that digitalocean added load balancers recently which is awesome, but I am wondering if we can share storage while using this ?

Exact use case too!
Would be really useful - thanks!

Hi, i need that exact use case as well.
I want to deploy a Docker Swarm and share a volume between all the nodes in the cluster. Is there a ETA for this?

+1 also need this feature

+1 this is a great feature that we need!
please add it!

+1 we really need this feature.

+1 for this feature.
As said, due to technical limitations, implementation of this feature is not practical or even impossible, which I totally understand.
But what I don’t understand is inability for DO to provide some alternative, like managed NFS cluster or similar.
It’s not that hard, and still would be useful for many.

  • Yes, I would like to be able to access files between droplets. I could try SSHFS.

    Doing this would be like trying to connect an IDE, SATA, USB drive to two computers at once. Even someone made some sort of wierd connector cable just because it cable would physically connect and fit into the respective ports, you would not get the drive on both systems because of the protocols…

    For me I use digital ocean for self hosting, so using external NFS, database servers, etc defeats the purpose. But I see there are developers (DO’s primary target marlet) who can’t be bothered with SysAdmin where I am a SysAdmin honin’ those skills (though I do code). A client of mine used managed hosting, I don’t see why if they are competent enough to know how to code they can’t configure their servers, I guess they don’t have time and would rather spend their time developing.

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