Can I upgrade/resize my Droplet?

Posted July 2, 2012 79.6k views

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I just wanted to provide an update to this question in case anyone still stumbles across it. Since this was asked, we introduced some new features around resizing. There are now two options, permanent and flexible.

Permanent resizing allows you to resize your disk space as well as CPU and RAM. As the name implies, this is a one-way operation. After increasing the disk size, you will not be able to decrease it.

Flexible resizing only upgrades your CPU and RAM. This option is reversible and gives you the flexibility to scale up and down as needed.

For more info, check out this article:

Yes. You can resize your Droplet UP anytime using the control panel's resize feature. Your configuration, data, and IP addresses will be preserved.
  • I tried to resize upgrade, and digitalocean showed up a dialog : “Sorry! Something weng wrong”

    What I only can do is to resize downgrade.

    How come ?

Given the disk space doesn't change is the cost at all different after a fast resize? Or is the rate the same, for example going from $10 flat to $20 flat?
If there is available space on the existing hypervisor it is automatically resized with a simple reboot and takes about 15 seconds.

Otherwise the virtual machine will need to be migrated to another physical hypervisor and the migration time is dependent on how much disk space you are using on your server and can take up to 20-25 minutes.

We're in the process of updating our resize functionality so that users are warned in this case and can decide to either initiate the action or not.
@info: Please open up a support ticket and perhaps attach a screenshot too so we can identify the issue. Thanks!
I have the same issue, I "fast-resized" up, but the disk space remains the same. I think it is DISHONEST that DO bills you for something you are not receiving (the disk space).
I think in this cases DO should bill only for the CPU and RAM.
@Ricardo: We're working on re-implementing Migrate-Resize which will resize disk space as well but will take a longer time to process. Until then, you can "claim" your "missing" disk space by taking a snapshot of your droplet, destroying it, and recreating it.
How long does it take to resize? Do we need to shutdown the server, resize and reboot? OR does it automatically resize without any restarts?
What about billing stuff when doing an upgrade for lets say a week and then downgrading to the smaller instance again? How does this work?
Since our droplets are charged per hour, your droplet would be charged at the higher rate for the week (168 hours) that it was at the larger size.

Once you resize back down, your droplet would be once again charged per hour at the lower rate.
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