Can I use a snapshot to create a local VM?

June 8, 2014 14.2k views
Is it possible to download a snapshot of a droplet, and use that to set up my own VM locally with say, VIrtual Box? It would greatly simplify some testing stuff for me, so that I can upload it back to DO only when I'm ready. Regards, Tanmai
  • I also want to download snapshot my production droplet and use that to set up my local system. I don’t think currently there is any way to do this. If you find anyway to do this. Please reply on this comment.

  • I am interested in that too

  • I also have that need. Looking forward to an answer if there is one!

    I my case it is also in order to save money - if I have a droplet that I am not using for a while, I could download it and delete the one in the cloud. When I resume using it later, I can upload it again. That would save me the cost of having an idle droplet in the cloud.

3 Answers
That feature isn't currently available. Though it is on the roadmap. You can follow the progress, and vote to show your support over on DigitalOcean's UserVoice page:

If your intent is to backup a remote computer’s HDD A via SSH to a single file that’s on your local computer’s HDD, you could do one of the following…

run from local computer

$ ssh user@remote "dd if=/dev/sda | gzip -1 -" | dd of=image.gz
  • @jtenderjb I think many/most droplets have /dev/vda as their drive (my Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04 droplets all seem to, at least).

  • i use DigitalOcean and use ssh user@remote “dd if=/dev/sda | gzip -1 -” | dd of=/mnt/volume-ams3-03

    as i created a volume and use that to store stuff as its 500GB it works for me dunno how to get to work though

    • i dont know how to use these as i made 4 file the vda15=vfat vda14=ext4 vda vda4=??? and the other i gziped vda

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