Can I use 'copy and paste' to enter my new assigned password?

June 13, 2017 1.8k views
Control Panels Security

I spun up a new droplet. Received e password via email. Used DO Console.Tried dozens of times to enter password but the procedure timed out before I could. Succeeded once but procedure asked then asked me to: "Change password immediately! Asked for old password but timed out even before I entered a single character!

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  • Same problem. This is ridiculous.

    I need to get into an old droplet that I don't have my ssh key for so need to use the console with a root password that was reset. I can't type in the damn autogen password fast enough and paste doesn't work. Good grief.

2 Answers

The console in the control panel does not support copy/paste and is recommended for emergency access to your droplet only. For general work, configuration and maintaince of your server we recommend using the command line ssh client on Linux or Mac or PuTTY on Windows to access your server. These options all support copy/paste.

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