can i use the storage to backup my websites

April 1, 2018 846 views
WordPress Backups

can i use the storage to backup my websites. I need to backup my Wordpress sites hosted on Hostgator using a plugin called All in One WP Migrate.. Is this achievable if I purchase the Storage

1 Answer

The short answer is yes, absolutely.

The longer answer is that our object storage service, Spaces has an API that is compatible with that of Amazon S3. In order to use this plugin directly with DigitalOcean Spaces you would need to:

1.) Ensure with the publisher that their implementation allows you to specify the server name when making an S3 connection. It should in most cases but this is a requirement for connecting to Spaces.

2.) Purchase the S3 addon for All in One WP Migration or use a different plugin that provides S3 support for free.

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