Can I use your hosting for my site?

January 11, 2017 1.4k views


I want to make a site on Koken
Can I use your hosting and how many it will be cost?

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Absolutely. For an application like Koken that relies on MySQL I would recommend going with at least a 1GB droplet ($10/month), should you see a higher load on your site you can upgrade via our control panel to a larger droplet.

DigitalOcean is un-managed and unlike shared hosting you are responsible for your server from the operating system up so having some knowledge of Linux systems administration is recommended.

When starting you can either use the PHPMyAdmin image which will provide you a graphical way to create the database that is required or you can use the LAMP one click image which provides all the software needed to run Koken but would require using the command line to create your database.

This guide will walk you through the installation process and you can reach out to us here if you run into any trouble.

by Ryan Quinn
**Archived:** PHPMyAdmin provides an easy to use interface to manage databases, users and tables for your MySQL instance and the PHPMyAdmin One-Click Application image allows you to save time by starting with a LAMP configuration and PHPMyAdmin already in place.

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Can I pay for one or two years
and do you have discount?

  • Currently, it's only possible to pay in advance using PayPal. Keep in mind that when you are using PayPal, you must always have enough credits for your resources in advance.
    About discounts, as far as I know there is nothing but you can contact Sales team and talk with them about offers and discounts.

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Can I pay your hosting for one or two years
and do you have discount for that?

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