Can not log into my droplet via console(web-based console)

June 22, 2018 5k views
DigitalOcean Ubuntu

Hi, everyone. I got a problem about logging into my droplet(ubuntu 16.04).

I get emailed default pwd for the Droplets. In web-based console I enter the pwd that was emailed to me. I get asked to create a new pwd, and it shows “(current) UNIX password: “. After typing the new pwd, it doesn’t show “Enter new UNIX password:” or “Retype new UNIX password:” instead of showing “xxxxx login: “.

How to do fix that? thanks.

1 Answer

Try again following these exact steps:

  1. Create Droplet
  2. Get password from email, for example: abcd1234
  3. Go to web console
  4. At (dropletname) login: prompt, type in login username: root
  5. Password: type in password from email: abcd1234
  6. (Current) UNIX password: CONFIRM password from email, type in: abcd1234
  7. Enter new UNIX password: Type in a new password: NewPassword
  8. Retype new UNIX password: CONFIRM new password: NewPassword
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