can not ping ip address && ssh not login

September 21, 2019 165 views

new droplet, can not ping ip address, can not login through ssh…
Already set ICMP, SSH firewall, for help!

2 Answers


I would recommend starting with a traceroute from your PC to the droplet:

traceroute your_droplets_ip_here

That way you should be able to figure out if your connections are getting to the droplet at all.

Also, could you share the following:

  • What is the firewall that you are using?

  • Can you share the firewall rules that you currently have?

  • What is the exact error that you get when you try to SSH to the droplet?

  • Are you trying to login with the root user and do you have your SSH key uploaded already?

  • What is the OS that you are using?


thanks, I know the reason, because of the GFW blocked the ipaddress, btw, I am from China… Thansk for help.

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