Can one change the ownership of a volume snapshot?

December 20, 2016 1.5k views
Block Storage CentOS

I am trying to change ownership of a droplet snapshot, but the attached volumes are not coming along for the ride. Can I share/change the ownership of a volume snapshot, or should I instruct the client that they should create a new volume and manually migrate the data?

1 Answer

You will not get Volumes/Volumes Data with Droplet Snapshot. For volumes, you'll have to do a Volume Snapshot.

However, I think you'll have to instruct the client to manually create a new volume and migrate data.
I checked in Control Panel, and there is no any option to change ownership of Volume Snapshot. You can do that for Droplets, but no for Snapshots.

If you want this as new feature, you can suggest it on DigitalOcean UserVoice. =)

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