Can only access my wordpress site using IP address

August 26, 2014 5.8k views

Can only get to my Wordpress site using the ip address. When I put in the site name all I get is “This webpage is not available” and on the chrome tab I see the previous hosts icon (hostgator, who were incidentally a nightmare to move away from). I have signed in to hostgator weeks ago to manage the nameservers and have checked again they are set to…

Have checked whois and it reports…
Name Server:
Name Server:
Name Server:

What else might the problem be?

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After you change the nameservers of you domain to DigitalOcean you have to configure the DNS for the domain name, see here for more info:

  • Yes I have followed the guide and my setup was correct anyway. I have pinged my domain no problem. When I type the domain into the browser I’m getting “This webpage is not available”!

    I believe my DO setup is correct. It must be a setting on the Wordpress side??

  • I find that I can get to my website using the ip or the domain name. But if I prepend WWW to the domain name I get webpage not found.

    Baffled and fed up

Do a DNS lookup for the A record:

dig A +short

This should print the IP address of your Droplet.

For the WWW portion to work create a CNAME record for your domain in the DNS section of DO’s control panel:

CNAME Record

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