Can open Atom from console - but not TightVNC

May 3, 2015 3k views
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I suspect this is some sort of permissions thing - but I don't know where to start.

I loaded the Atom editor package on an Ubuntu droplet - using KDE desktop.

From the console, it runs - awfully - but it runs.

From TightVNC, I can't get the app to launch. I get some grief about the display being wrong. I've tried setting it to localhost:0, my WAN IP:0, my local IP:0 - and :1 as well... nothing.

Ultimately - what I want is to use TightVNC to log into my droplet, and run my silly text editor from there.


1 Answer

Atom now runs on Windows, OS X, and on client Linux desktops, so you are likely better off running it locally - though you can certainly open files from a remote file share/server in order to edit files on your server. We do not recommend running software like Atom through a VNC if you have any way to avoid doing so.

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