Can someone help me running (starting up restarting) a minecraft server?

January 4, 2015 3.8k views

Hi, a couple days ago I created a mc server for me and my friend to play on. It ran for a couple days then somehow shut off or crashed. I’m not experienced with Linux so I don’t know how to navigate the console very good. I’d like for some help to get the server to run again. I have looked at other tutorials on the forums about the different lines of code but none have worked. Please help!

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I don’t think that giving people access to your server is very safe.
What about posting us Minecraft log’s content?
Does the console print out something when it crash?

It may but how would I open and then paste that here?

  • You should find logs in the serverdir/logs directory.

  • yes i found it but how do i open it?

  • As I can see, they are compressed (.gzs).
    You can extract .logs using WinRAR, or something like that!

  • I’m using ubuntu vps, i dont have direct access to the files, im looking at them through a command prompt console…

  • ?_?
    Assuming you are Droplet’s owner, you have root access.
    As SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) is enabled by default, you can grab files you need (I recommend Filezilla as client).

    Else, you can un-gz archives and read them through the command line (nano or vi text editor).

  • I looked in the logs an there is no record of the server crashing…

  • That’s very strange.
    Did you try to add some swap space?

    Here is a nice tutorial to do that!
    Also, are you sure that you’re not running a dev/alpha Minecraft server’s build?

    by Justin Ellingwood
    Swap space can be used as an "overflow" area for your system when you run out of RAM. The operating system can store data that would normally be kept in RAM on the hard drive in a specially formatted file. In this guide, we'll demonstrate how to create and use one of these files in Ubuntu 14.04.
  • The server version is 1.7.4

  • I will also look at the swap space

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