Can someone recommend any hosting system admin online courses?

April 3, 2014 949 views
I am a newbie and i want to learn all commands and how system works... Can someone guide me to online courses where i can easily setup and operate server for my website. Your help will be much appreciated. Kind regards.
1 Answer
What kind of operating system admin dist you want to use? Debian/Ubuntu Arch or CentOS/Fedora etc? You can Explore it through DO ( Digital Ocean Explore Navigation) or go to this Link:

You can learn it step by step. Select the operating system you run for a long term and focused with your operating system. And it helps if you visit the official website of the operating system that becomes your choice to get more information. And I think, DigitalOcean already has many articles of information that make it easier for users to recognize and run the operating system and applications.
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