Can someone replace/recreate the zPanel installation tutorial for Ubuntu?

March 10, 2014 3.6k views
Hi Guys! Does anyone have a replacement for the zPanel installation tutorial for Ubuntu 12.04 that used to be located here: Seems like it would be extremely helpful for those looking for a domain management interface on Digital Ocean. If there are any other alternative tutorials, please share!
4 Answers
I believe DigitalOcean is trying to avoid zPanel installations on their servers because the panel has security problems.
yes, very true. Zpanel has some serious security issues as @eli stated. DO has removed that tut to avoid any responsibility of that since it is high risk to customers.

I also urge you to avoid it and use an alternative instead such as directadmin or virtualmin.
Look at this thread on Open Source Control Panels:

Any news from Zpanel for Digital? i really like zpanel and i would install it anyway but the comand

bash <(curl -Ss

dont work, dont donwload anything :(

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