Can't access Filezilla FTP to reach Plesk droplet after IPv6 change, what to do?

Posted May 15, 2020 835 views
Ubuntu 18.04

Hi there, I seem to have a problem connecting to my ftp after installing IPv6.
I editted the 5-cloud-init file, uploaded it and rebooted the Plesk droplet.

But I made a mistake. I used tabs instead of spaces in the 5-cloud file. So I need to reupload it, but now I can’t connect anymore.

I use sftp://<my ipv4>, root account and root password, connect to port 22. But it keeps giving me the ‘cant connect to server’ error.

A couple of things:

  1. I uninstalled Ruby from Plesk before doing the IPv6 update, not realising I probably need this (very new to this stuff!).

  2. I get a warning in the commandline: Curl: (7) Couldn’t connect to server

  3. I run Ubunthu 18.04

What am I doing wrong to not be able to reconnect to my FTP via Filezilla?
Hope you can help!


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1 answer

Hi @Rick89,

Firstly, can you make sure you can ping your your server’s IP address?

ping DropletIPv4

If it’s working great, then it’s somekind of permission issue. Login to your droplet via SSH

ssh root@YourDropletIP

And run

netstat -tulpen | grep 22

If you see an output then the FTP service is running and it’s a firewall issue. If you don’t see an output, most probably the FTP service is down and needs to be restarted, you can do that via the Plesk panel

Now, if it’s a permission’s issue, I’ll recommend going into the Plesk Panel in the Firewall section located in settings and allowing your IP address.