Can't access my site(Centos 6.5,virtualmin,apache)

March 9, 2015 2.7k views
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Today I've installed VPS. I'm using Centos 6.5, install apache and virtualmin.
I have a 403 Forbidden - error when I try to open my site:

I locate the site files in var/www/

Then I try with creating Virtual Server in virtualmin and in /home/proweb(virtual server name)/public_html/ locate files for web but when I open my site the browser only download file named "download.

So now I turn off this virtual server and want to ask how can I solve this 403 Forbidden problem?

Kind Regards

1 Answer

Fix the 403 Forbidden error when I change name of droplet(have to be with domain url).

So I upload joomla installation but when I try to open file there is only the old problem with dowloading file named "download".

Anyone know how to fix this issue?

Kind Regards

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