can't access my website after disable ssl

December 5, 2017 1.2k views
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my droplet was working fine hours ago, until i notice that my android app stop getting data from database, then i figured out the problem is https, so i tried to stop https and reload apache2 i got error apache cant reload.. so i removed apache and reinstall again to fix the issue, but suddenly it doesnt, now i cant run my app or wordpress site or anything under /var/www/html except /var/www/test/index.html its work fine

any suggestion please?

1 Answer

post results of apache2ctl configtest

  • i solved it by compeletly remove Apache and reinstall Apache, php,MySQL, i got error 404 on my WordPress but fixed after change permalinks setting, but i couldn't fix laravel app 404 still working to figure out .

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